Youth Collaboration 2015-2016


In the 2015-2016 academic year I wanted to work collaboratively with an elementary school teacher wherein young students would draw heroes or monsters and send those sketches to my Ceramics I students to create sculpturally. Upon hearing about my idea, my enthusiastic administrator got me in touch with her good friend who happened to be the art teacher at a local elementary school. She was on board right away! It didn't take much convincing on the part of my students either.  Because they spent the first semester mastering ceramics basics, they were excited to take on this challenge and be able to give back to the children. Some of my students even went to the collaborating elementary school and had the same art teacher! 

After discussing the logistics of the project, we decided to build sculptures that reflected drawings created by 2nd graders in the style of artist Joan Miró.   My students had quite the task to interpret the creative drawings and form them into sculptures that could sit or stand unaided with all of the proper techniques of hand building so as not to blow up in the kiln.  They all did an amazing job!

Over 100 sketches and sculptures later, the elementary school generously hosted a "give back" banquet where some of my students got to deliver the sketches back to the students with their new sculptures to keep. 

Watch the video and photo slide show to learn more about this amazing experience!

**Please note the identity of the students involved has been masked for their privacy. :)


The collaboration made it onto our school's morning announcements.  After the opening credits, hear more about what this project entailed.